The Society is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization that seeks to promote a resurgence of Witsuwit'en language and culture to ensure the survival of our ways of being as a distinct people for future generations.

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Becoming a Society Member helps us stay connected with you, it gives us an idea of supports and activities based on age groups, and the number of Society Members also helps us for funding purposes. 

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Witsuwit'en Language & Culture Society had seen closure for all of 2020 with 2 projects with contracted workers. As of May 2021 we have begun the restart while increasing staff in July. We are now a staff of four with a vast array of knowledge skills and talent that will compliment WLCS mandate and vision statement. We are working on increasing the activities and language classes while building the foundation to utilize for years to come. We thank you for you patience and understanding and encourage you to become a member to keep you up-to-date with our progress along with the calendar of events. 

During this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic we also exercise and follow the direction of the Provincial Health Order as we move forward we are deeply concerned for the safety of our staff and especially our elders whom are the keepers of our knowledge and language of our ancestors.  Wiggus and so' ghuhdlï!