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Application extension to september 21, 2020 We are pleased to announce that we have one spot left in our family based Mentor-Apprentice Program (MAP)! We have extended our application due date to September 21, 2020. The MAP program is an opportunity to learn Witsuwit'en one-on-one. Please review the information below.

New Witsuwit'en language learning resource! "Tsë Cakh Wit'en: an evening in the village"

September 2, 2020 - The WLCS is pleased to announced the release of "Tsë Cakh Wit'en: An Evening in the Village." This language resource consists of a booklet and language CD set. The project started in 2017 in partnership with Hagwilget Village, who provided a portion of the funding, to bring back the voices of Tsë Cakh (Tse-Kya) Elders recorded and compiled in the 1990s by linguists Sharon Hargus and James Kari. After sitting on the shelf for three decades, Witsuwit'en learners will have the pleasure of hearing the voices of Tsë Cakh's Elders, while learning new vocabulary. We hope to make this resource available in a digital format in the future. We have published a limited number of copies and priority will be given to Witsuwit'en language learners. Given the COVID-19 situation, we are working on a distribution plan to ensure that we can deliver copies safely to each of the six Witsuwit'en communities. We will be contacting you in the coming weeks! For Witsuwit'en people living off-yin tah (outside the territory), please contact the WLCS at: Witsuwi'ten bï yets'olhdic! (Let's speak Witsuwit'en!)

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