Meet the WLCS Team

Karen Plasway

Siy sozï Karen Plasway. I am Lax Gibuu (Gidimt'en) Clan, Wilp Spookwx, the Executive Director of the Witsuwit'en Language & Culture Society. I am a very service oriented individual bringing a positive attitude with dreams and goals that will benefit the Society in its growth to meet the Mandate, Vision Statement and Purposes for the Witsuwit'en Members we serve on and off the Yintah

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Helen Harris

Siy sozï Helen. Likhsilyu dïstikh. Siy siyikh Tsë Kal Këyikh. Resilience coordinator ha'isdzin. My past education and experience definitely help me with my work, but my passion is what really drives me to do the work to bring together our Witsuwit'en people to engage in activities or to learn our Witsuwit'en language with me. It also really helps to work with a great team.

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Susie Ann Naziel BSW


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Donna Williams


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Jana Dewan

My name is Jana Dewan, I’m from the Lax Gibuu (Gidimt’en) clan and house of Spookwx. I hold the position of Jr. Board Member and Student worker at WLCS, where I plan cultural land-based activities inclusive to Witsuwit’en Youth throughout the Yintah! I’m a Gitxsan-Witsuwit’en youth who attends high school. I’ve been participating in cultural activities for as long as I can remember.

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All Witsuwit'en clan and house members are eligible for membership with the WLCS.


Researchers interested in doing work with the Witsuwit'en in terms of language and culture are asked to contact us at the onset of your project.


The WLCS are continually looking for partnerships with organizations interested in promoting our culture and language!


Our work depends on generous donations such as yours!